Wooden Decorative Fascia Board

When it comes to decorative fascia board – wooden variety, the first thing you need to do is sign off if the wooden approach is indeed the best one. In the end it may be, but nowdays there are so many other options available that it is at least worth getting a handle on what is out there.

Wooden Options For Fascia Board

Cheaper Options For Wooden Fascia Board

It is possible to use cheaper wood materials such as fir, spruce or pine if you prime and paint the fascia.

Pressure Treated Fascia Board

Many recommend steering clear of pressure treated wood as an option for fascia as due to shrinkage, over time, it can leave gaps. This is especially an issue if the task in completed in different stages over time where the shrinkage is not even.

Cedar Fascia Board

Cedar is a good choice due to it’s rot resistance qualities. While not as rot-resistant as redwood, it is a cheaper option. It is an especially long lasting option if you pre-prime the wood before installation. Best to choose an oil based blocker and be cautious about using tannin oil.

Redwood Fascia Board

Redwood fascia board will last many years. The downside is that it is not a cheap product. It is very rot resistand and deals with the moisture very well, even when it is unpainted.

Composite, Vinyl and Non-wooden Fascia Products

PVC fascia boards have become very popular. It is constructed to have the wood look but unlike wood, it is 10% rot resistant. It also comes in a range of colors and styles so it has many advantages over wood when it comes to the more decorative options.

FreeFoam Facia Products

You can find PVC-UE fascia in a wide selection of sizes, colours, and styles through this company resulting in an improved appearance for virtually any fa├žade. 

You can choose from five fascia styles: Bullnose, Square Leg, Flat, and Square Edge. 

A choice of eight possible colours is offered by Freefoam, from white to black to brown, to Sable, Pale Gold, White and three different shades of grey, Anthracite Grey, Storm Grey, and Dark Grey. 

Fascia boards manufactured by Freefoam are manufactured in lengths of five metres, and range in width from 100mm right up to 405mm. Accessory boards are included with every fascia system to ensure a professional finish on all projects. More Info

Eavemaster Fascia And Sofit System

Installers will find Eavemaster to be an ideal solution for all of their fascia and soffit needs. 

Installing this system is quicker, simpler and more precise than installing any other system. Its unique internal angles, pre-formed gable boxes, and convenient measure markers make it more convenient and precise to install. 

Build a handsome and durable home with Eavemaster in less time and at a lower cost – with no need for any special tools. All components and trim are included with the system. More Info

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