Wood Look Vinyl Flooring

It doesn’t seem surprising that vinyl flooring can mimic real hardwood flooring so well when you know how it’s done. 

The finish on all hardwood floors, whether it comes from a special factory finish or a site-applied polyurethane, is a thick and clear plastic. 

Basically, what you walk on is plastic. The wood is purely decorative. 

Vinyl flooring can be manufactured with photographic images of wood to imitate the real thing.

Luxury Vinyl Planking

A luxury vinyl plank is the most effective vinyl flooring imitation of wood. 

Luxury vinyl flooring has a high visual effect because it is generally of high quality. In addition, the rectangular shape of those planks, and the seam they create, give them an even more wood-like appearance since most real wood flooring is also available in pieces or strips.

Another fantastic attribute of LVF is the ability to have it in wet areas such as your bathroom. You could never have real wood in an area with so much moisture, but with LVF, there is nothing to stop you.

Some Luxury Vinyl Planking Options

Some of the styles you can get Luxury Vinyl Plank in are:

  • Hickory Wood: Looks good due to the darkness of the stains it comes in.
  • Light Oak Wood, Medium-Dark Oak Wood, Dark Oak:
  • Ebony: If you want that swank inner city look, you can’t go past this look. 
  • Teak Wood: It would be very rare to have actual teakwood as a flooring material, but with Luxury Vinyl Plank, you can.
  • Maple: Imagine this classic Canadian wood in the bathroom or kitchen. So if you’re in Steinbach, MB or Vaughan, ON, you can have the look of real maple in the bathroom. Cool.
  • Chestnut Wood: Real Chesnut Wood is rarely used as flooring because it is so hard, but the LVP approach, you get the look without the technical issues of installing such a hardwood surface. 
  • Walnut: If you are a fan of fine grained hardwood, then this is your choice.

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