Tropical Monsoon Climate Suitable Building Materials

Architecture is one of the most ancient and widely practiced professions in the world. What is inherent in all of these is the requirement for habitable spaces that can sustain their civilization and their socioeconomic activities.

Typically, human shelters were simply the most convenient solution to the problem of intolerance to the harsh environment, to enable it to be lived in. 

The use of available technology and materials as well as the understanding of the climate, guided the design –  even of primitive humans. However, since the advancement of technology, we have been able to create a more efficient and luxurious habitat while maintaining the basic design i.e. to protect ourselves from the weather. 

Here are some key things to consider when designing in the harsh Tropical Monsoon Climate.


In this situation the building is not able to cool itself sufficiently at night so that heat can be stored during the day. In a climate like this, thermal principles cannot be relied upon. Therefore, lightweight materials that have low thermal capacity should be used. 

Site Location

The most adaptable creature on the planet is humans. However, research shows that constant changes in the temperature of our surroundings causes psychological effects in our brain such as irritation and inefficiency. 

Hence, site location and study are of utmost importance to maintain a constant comfort zone. Places near water and ocean have great air current and humidity, and sites on/near mountains have cooler temperatures. Every site has its perks and challenges that need to be exploited to produce the best design for its inhabitants

Openings and shading devices

We should prioritize air movement as a high priority when designing shelters for Tropical Monsoon, since it reduces high temperatures inside the shelters and reduces humidity inside. Nevertheless, it is important to ensure that the size of the opening is appropriate. Since large openings will result in unnecessary heat from radiation, shading devices are necessary. Shaded courtyards were constructed around the home to achieve this.


It is recommended that roofs have a reflective upper surface, ventilations in the roof, an upper reflective surface, and good insulating properties. It is important for both the ceiling and the roof to have a low thermal capacity. 


Shaded walls do not require insulation. Good insulation, on the other hand, may prevent the elevation of inner surface temperatures above the ambient air temperatures, even if the walls are exposed to solar radiation (like gable walls). Having reflective qualities on walls that are not shaded will also be helpful. 

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