Tongue And Groove Ceiling Calculator

Here is a ‘quick and dirty’ calculator to estimate the cost of a tongue and groove ceiling before you speak to specific vendors on detailed pricing. It is designed to give you a broad idea of the likely cost so you are forewarned. You only need to enter in 3 values to get a rough estimate of what your costs are likely to be:

  • Finished Area In Square Feet or Meters: How many square feet/meters is the ceiling area?
  • Cost Of Material Per Square Feet/Meter. Typically you might find lower end prices around $1 per square feet up to about $6 for more high-end products.
  • Cost Of Labor Per Hour: If it is a DIY project, you put $0 in here, otherwise put in the hourly rate for labor you can access to complete the job.

There are plenty of complicated calculators available online, but this one aims to be very simple. To simplify the calculator – ah lah ‘quick and dirty’, it makes some assumptions based on average industry knowlege:

  • It automatically estimates how time in labor it will take for each square foot of ceiling. The value used is 2 minutes per square foot of finished ceiling.
  • It automatically estimates a sliding % wastage value from 8% for a small job down to 7% for larger, more efficient jobs.
  • It automatically estimates a sliding cost of supplies and tools based on the size of the job. It uses $0.75 per square feet for small jobs up to $0.30 per square feet for larger more efficient jobs.

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