The Best Place To Buy OSB: Bunnings Or Elsewhere?

What is the best place to buy OSB in Australia and New Zealand? Further, Is Bunnings the best place to get OSB in that part of the world? The plain and simple answer is probably yes.

You know how it goes, Bunnings has a price matching sevice and have outcompeted almost every mum and pop hardware store in Australasia into oblivion so where else would you get it right? Of course, if you leave out big commercial quantities and highly specific bespoke products, for the every day Joe, it’s pretty much Bunnings followed by Mitre 10 where people get OSB and everything else they need handyman and DIY wise in Australasia. Sigh… It’s priced matched, you can impulse buy a bunch of other stuff while you’re there.. Sigh… pick up all and sundry additional fastners, nuts and bolts in the process. Sigh… I kind of feel bad, but it really is very convienent. Lets put it this way. If my kids don’t give me a Bunnings gift card for my birthday or christmas, something has gone seriusly awry. So yep, I reckon pick up your OSB board from Bunnings, even though I wish the answer was more nuanced than that.

A Bit More About OSB

OSB is an abbreviation for Oriented Strand Board, which is a wood product typically made by bonding together thin strands of lumber with adhesive. As a coating, a wax may be added to the resin’s surface with an intention of improving moisture resistance.

It is very versatile, with properties similar to plywood but generally more cost-effective and stronger than particleboard.

Frequently Asked Questions About OSB

What is OSB called in Australia?

The term OSB is used in Australia and North America to identify oriented strand board. OSB is an engineered wood sheet product that has been available in the North America for many years, and has only recently become available in Australia.

Is OSB board better than plywood?

Plywood flexes less than OSB.

Plywood is weaker in shear than OSB. Its shear values are about twice as high as plywood for the same thickness. 
Glued together from hardwood and softwood pieces, OSB is made by mixing many smaller pieces in a strand. OSB can have larger sheets than plywood because the pieces are smaller.

For use as a substrate beneath flooring, plywood is generally preferred.

Is OSB the same as chipboard?

While OSB is similar to chipboard in some ways, it is made from strand elements of hardwood and softwood that are larger than the finer waste wood chips used in chipboard. It also differs from chipboard with many of its material qualities, being a structural engineered wood panel similar in strength and performance to plywood.

How much is a sheet of OSB?

In Australia, 9mm thickness OSB is around $20 per meter squared. 12mm is around $25 per meter squared, and 18mm around $30 per meter squared.


OSB is not currently produced in Australasia but it is available there… you guesed it, at Bunnings.

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