Second-Hand Decking Timber Australia

We live in interesting times, and if you’ve tried to get hold of some new timber lately – decking or other, you may find the whole process a bit eye-watering in terms of the steeply rising prices that are becoming the norm. That makes getting hold of second-hand timber a more viable option. In this post, we go through what your options are in the Australian context.

Recycled Merbau Decking

Renovators Paradise has recycled Merbau decking packs made from thier house salvage operations in Melbourne.

Although it can be a bit hit and miss, it is often possible to find recycled Merbau decking on Gumtree or the Trading Post.

Urban Salvage also stock recycled decking along with recycled timber flooring and furniture. Their display showroom is in Spotswood, Melbourne.

Jaks Timber, near Melbourne, also stocks recycled cladding, flooring, decking, bench tops, timber furniture. They also offer custom machining.

Timber & Rose have recycled timber flooring, decking, bench tops, cladding, lining and battens.

Timber Revival have a range of new, recycled and reclaimed timbers, including decking.

Budget Timber Market in Dandenong, while they don’t stock recycled timber, specialise in all hardwood timber and are guaranteed to be the cheapest in Melbourne on all the stock in thier yard.

Recycled Timber Specialists are recycled timber specialists who deal exclusively in recycled and environmentally sustainable timbers, including decking.

If you live near Geelong, Timberzoo is worth checking out for recycled hardwood decking.

Ironwood Australia are recycled timber specialists that can mill and supply recycled, reclaimed and new Class 1 durability Australian hardwoods into a large range of standard and unique decking options.

Peninsula Recycled Timber have dressed & rough sawn timbers, cladding, decking, reclaimed, re-milled & overlay flooring and more.

If you are located in Sydney, Northern Rivers Recycled Timber are a boutique hardwood recycling mill, incuding wall features, flooring, decking, screening and decking tiles.

If you are looking for recycled decking in the Perth region, check out The Recycled Timber Company. They are a reputable family-owned timber recycling company with timber flooring, decking, bespoke cladding and more.

For the Canberra region, Thor’s Hammer has recycled decking.

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