Pallet Fence Ideas

Pallet Fence Idea

Building a fence is no easy task. It requires time and money to buy materials or hire someone to do it for you. However, if you have some pallets laying around, then you are in luck!

In this article, we cover how easy and cheap it is making of pallet wood for railing garden fencing without spending lots money in store but with great look as well.

You can build your own beautiful and cheap fence using these simple steps:

Measure the area where the fence will be built.

a) You will need to know the height and length of your fence. b ) Measure this area with a tape measure or by using stakes placed around it in order for you mark where posts should go on each side, measuring about one foot from every corner post hole (total 16 measurements). If possible we recommend marking out an irregular shape

Cut posts from the pallets.

a) Make sure that they are long enough to go into the ground at least three feet.

b) Use a circular saw to cut the posts you need. You can also use hand clamps if needed, as well

c) Make sure that each post is about three feet long and at least an inch in diameter or thicker so it won’t break when being pounded into the ground with a sledgehammer (you will learn more below).

Place one post every 12 inches apart onto a level surface

a) Pound each post into the ground using a sledgehammer. You may need to use some clamps or wedges as well

b ) Make sure that you are pounding firmly but not so hard it breaks through other side of pallet wood (you can also pound nails in if they break). If there is no nail, then you can use a screw to secure it

Measure out how much of each side of the pallet should be used for fencing

a) (it’s usually about two feet). Use this measurement as an indication on how high you should cut each of the posts.

b) Use a saw to make an accurate, straight line down one side and then across on your measurement (you can use another pallet if you want it more even). Make sure that when cutting nails are not in way or they will be ripped out with board as well

c) Saw through both sides of pallet boards (it usually takes two cuts), then use a sledge hammer or some type to pound them off.

If On Uneven surface

a) If the fence is not going on an even surface, measure out how much each post should be cut and level with one another in order for it all fit together properly ome clamps as well)

b) Make sure the posts are in the right place, then use a drill to pre-drill each of them. That way you can screw and secure it all together tightly with screws (or nails).

Finally cut down any excess material off so that your fence is perfectly square! Now wait for awhile before painting if desired or let natural weathering take its course.


You can paint the fence any color you would like or leave it natural. We recommend using a primer to keep your painting job from looking sloppy!

Can you make a fence from pallets?

Yes, they are surprisingly good for making a fence out of. Pallet fences have more benefits than just being cheap to build. Pallet fences are built specially to withstand very heavy loads, so they’re amazingly durable. Pallet fences come premade, so putting them together is easier – it’s just a modular process.

How do you secure a pallet fence to the ground?

The easiest and most robust way to secure a pallet fence to the ground is by using metal star pickets. This YouTube video explains the process well.

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