How To Fix Composite Deck Warping

Warping of your composite decking may be an issue if the joists are wet, or if it has been less than a year since installation. In either case, ventilation and/or radiant heaters might dry out the deck for short term use; however, this is only an immediate fix. The main culprit of warping in composite decks is moisture induced warping from rainwater getting under the cracks and evaporating from within.

While railing eaves can help to keep water away from fragile surfaces such as wood (deck porch), they don’t always work well to protect lengthy runs of composite decking material.

For permanent solutions, utilize tough sealant over application-specific gaps (examine joints with a large flashlight), make joint connections water tight.

Composite decks are composed of a top layer of its constituent materials fused together. There may be multiple other layers below it on the deck, such as plywood or cedar planks.

A rather extreme way to fix warping can be by by removing the composite surface and replacing it with something more sturdy like wood slates or aluminum panels.

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