Colorbond Fence Cost: Lets Get Our Head Around Price

How much does colorbond fencing cost? For what you get, Colorbond fencing prices are not as expensive as you may first think. Especially over the life of the fence.

Colorbond fencing is a popular choice for many homeowners looking to improve their property. And who can blame them? It’s durable, easy to install and maintain, and best of all it comes with a variety of colours. It’s also pretty ubiquitous Aussie when you think about it… The beach, kangaroos, sport and… Colorbond everything from roofs to fences. It’s a magnificent product – it looks great for more years than you need with that special coating on the surface – Colorbond steel in one form or another is an Aussie institution. Give it the odd hose-down and its as good as new again until the same time next year. Very few people have any doubt about its looks and lastability, but all that goodness at what cost?

So yes the big and important question is how much does Colorbond fencing cost, especially compared to the frequent alternatives such as the wood fences you see everywhere? Colorbond has different prices depending on the size and type you need, but we will take some time now to break down the pricing so you know what you are getting into.

Colorbond Fence Panels Price, Size And Style

So how much is colorbond fencing? There are many factors that determine the cost of Colorbond fencing in Australia, but the most significant are:

  • The panel size. Naturally, the larger the panel, the more costly it is.
  • Cost of colorbond fence per metre. Of course, the bigger the boundry you want to fence in, the more it will cost.
  • And Panel style. Some styles are more elaborate than others so therefore cost extra

Hidden Extras For Colorbond Fencing Costs

The Colorbond fence price per meter can be anywhere from $12 to $62. But beware that there are inevitably some ‘hidden’ costs of Colorbond fencing like the caps, rails, fasteners, posts, and various styles of lattice designs for the top part of the fence. So it is not as simple as just considering the per meter cost.

Important To Consider Location-Specific Labour Costs For Installation

The price of Colorbond fences varies based on the location in Australia. Labor is the most expensive part of a Colorbond fencing project. In some locations in Australia, the cost for installation by fencing contractors will be $75 – $80 per metre, while in others you will expect to pay around $65 – $70 for your new colorbond fence. That is a significant range – it all comes down to the availability of the right tradies to do the job.

Installers with more experience and qualifications will charge more. In Australia, depending on your state of residence, you may find that charges will differ for similar services. 

Australian fence installers charge on average $75 to $80 per metre in Victoria and New South Wales. Queensland has the second-lowest labor cost around $70 – $75 per metre. Western Australia generally has the most affordable with $65 – $70.

Colorbond Fencing Still Relatively Affordable Over Its Lifetime

Colorbond fencing is relatively affordable, especially if you make careful decisions about what options you choose and you plan carefully around the amount of fencing you will need. You don’t want to be surprised by unexpected additional costs cropping up that you haven’t planned for. In that situation, costs can quickly rise and in no time, your budget is blown. Best to know what you’re going to be up for with careful planning before you start buying anything.

A newly installed Colorbond fence provides an outcome of more security for a property than an old, rusted fence or a decayed and crumpling down wooden one that has well and truly seen its best days. Colourbond fence panels offer a superior alternative to timber posts and fencing due to their weather-resistant and decay-resistant properties.

Indicative Price Chart Of Colorbond Fencing In Australia

Consider that one fencing panel has about 3 to 4 Colorbond sheets in it when calculating the fencing panel price.

Cost of Colorbond Fencing:

Colorbond Fence TypeColorbond Fence Cost Per Linear Metre
Sheets of standard corrugated iron~$15-20
Colorbond: powder-coated~$23
Sheets: Steel clad$22
Colorbond: Double-sided$25
Ultra roofing: Colorbond$38
A detailed table showing the price per meter for Colorbond fence types

Ancillary Costs Of Colorbond Fencing

Understanding your labour and materials cost for your project is just the start. You can make a Colorbond fence more attractive and durable by including some additional features. The following is a rough breakdown of those for each item:

  • Fencing caps cost between $2 and $12
  • Fence rails cost between $7 and $13
  • The cost per post is $12
  • Long lattices cost $40

What is the price per metre of a Colorbond fence?

With only labour costs calculated for installation, a Colorbond fence price per metre can range between $78 – $102 for installing the least expensive material (Regular corrugated iron sheets) to $102 – $117 for the Colorbond Ultra roofing sheet. Colorbond can cost either more or less than other types of fencing. This is very much dependent on the size, style, and shape of the design and materials that go into it, so it is important to get costings for your specific situation and style requirements.

Potentially Expensive Factors in Colorbond Fence Installation

The biggest cost determinants of a Colorbond fence are the amount of fencing you need for your boundry, the type of Colorbond you choose, and the labour costs for installation. But, as always, there are some additional costs to consider. 

  • Your project will be more costly if you add more decorative elements (lattice, plinths, caps,);
  • The labour cost will increase dependant on the demand for installers in your area;
  • Expect to spend approximately $215 to $260 for the installation of a Colorbond gate;
  • Installation costs for Colorbond fences on sloped ground increase depending on the level of the land, since they call for more materials and labour.

Price Breakdown Details:

The price of colorbond fencing will depend on the size and type you need. The company also offers discounts for bulk orders, so make sure to contact them before adding anything to your order!

-A panel costs $221 each, with a minimum purchase of four panels (one kit) or six panels (two kits).

-One kit consists of two posts and one row of fence material—or enough materials for an average backyard. We recommend at least two kits if not more depending on how big your yard is.

-One sectional post set includes three sections that are ten feet long, which can be used for gates in addition to fences. These cost about $418 per set.

Additional Hidden Costs

The cost of Colorbond fencing starts at around $13 per metre up to $60 per meter. However, there are other costs that come with having a fence such as rails, caps, posts, fasteners and lattice designs.

Installation Costs In Australia

The ultimate cost also depends on whereabouts in Australia you live, because labour costs vary depending on location.

For example, in Brisbane, a three-meter fence costs $650 to install.

-For a six-meter by two meters high Colorbond Fence will cost about $550 for installation from an installer with the right equipment and experience or you can do it yourself for around $130-$170 total.

So the cost for installing the fence varies in some parts of the country ($75- $80) and in others it is cheaper ($65 – $70 per metre). Of course, the cheapest is DIY but that may not be something you have the time or skill to do.

Benefits Of A Colorbond Fence

A Colorbond Fence offers many benefits over other types of fences.

Some of the most important are:

  • It is a sturdy, strong fence that will not need to be replaced for at least ten years and can last up to 25 years if looked after properly
  • The general lifespan is about twenty-five years which makes it one of the best looking options on the market today
  • There is no annual maintenance cost as with wooden fencing
  • You don’t have to worry about rotting or termites eating away your investment because there isn’t any timber in this type of installation.

In Summary

There are many benefits of colorbond fencing. The price of a colorbond fence is offset by the longevity it provides. You can expect your colorbond fence to last up to 25 years.

If you already have a colorbond roof, you can get a fence to match.

There is a range of fence options you can choose from.

There is a range of colorbond fencing styles to choose from. There is also many different coloured choices for sheet colorbond.

Colorbond fence installers is the way to go for your home improvement project. Installing a Colorbond steel fence is not really a DIY-friendly thing.

Costs and prices vary for fence installation price, especially when considering where in the country you are located.

Frequently Asked Questions About Colorbond Fencing

What is cheaper a colorbond or wooden fence?

Timber fencing is the most cost effective fence upfront. It can be purchased for $300-$500 per linear meter. On average timber fences last anywhere from 10-15 years but with some ongoing maintenance. Colorbond costs about 30% more upfront but lasts 100% longer. A Colorbond investment will pay off after 6 to 7 years of installation as there are no ongoing costs like painting or replacing planks that need attention periodically if you have a Timber Fence.

Is colorbond fence strong?

COLORBOND® steel is renowned for its superior strength and durability. The material is made from galvanized steel which has been given a durable powder-coated finish that will not rot or peel over time so it lasts longer than other materials of the same type would due to wear and tear in different weather conditions.

Is colorbond fencing steel or Aluminium?

Colorbond fences are made out of color-coated steel, which is lighter and more sturdy than the traditional wood fence. Thanks to galvanization process that combines zinc with a base metal such as iron or copper in order to reduce corrosion damage, Colorbond has great durability properties for being lightweight.

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