Acoustic Plywood Or Sound Absorption WPC – Which Is Better?

Then is comes to using panels for soundproofing in a room, there are two major contenders and a cheaper third option. The choices in desending order of costs are:

  • Acoustic Plywood,
  • Sound Absorption WPC
  • Laminate Wood.

Acoustic Plywood

Acoustic plywood is a type of wood that has been used for many years in the construction industry. It was originally used to make acoustic panels, which are designed to reduce reverberation and echo sounds within spaces such as auditoriums.

This means that acoustic panels can soundproof rooms, improve speech intelligibility, and create a more comfortable environment for people who have hearing disabilities. Other benefits include lower noise levels, reduced fatigue from background noise, and improved acoustics.

The drawbacks of using this type of wood are mainly related to cost – it’s more expensive than other types of plywoods on the market today. In addition to costing more initially, it also costs more when you go to replace or repair it later down the line.

Sound Absorption WPC

Sound absorption WPC is a less expensive alternative to acoustic plywood. It provides many of the same benefits such as sound insulation; noise reduction; dampening reverberations from high frequency sources like music and absorbing reflections that would otherwise echo through a room.

Sound absorption WPC is made up of sheets, boards or mats with air pockets between the layers to create an acoustic barrier which blocks sound waves when they come in contact with it. Unlike acoustic plywood where high frequency sounds are reflected back into the space; sound absorption panels absorb them and provide a more even sound in a room.

Sound absorption WPC can be cut to fit different spaces and angles which makes it easy to install over existing surfaces or into the design of new construction. Unlike acoustic plywood, there is no need for special tools, cutting equipment or talent when installing sound absorption WPC. This guarantees that you will be able to install acoustic panels quickly and easily.

Sound absorption WPC is also permanent once installed so it will not have to be replaced or repaired in the future, unlike acoustic plywood which eventually needs additional treatments such as fireproofing over time. is also permanent once installed so it will not have to be replaced or repaired in the future, unlike acoustic plywood which eventually needs additional treatments such as fireproofing over time.

Aesthetics are also a benefit of sound absorption WPC, so you can have your dream home without sacrificing the look and feel. You will not need to worry about replacing or repairing it for many years.

Laminate Wood

Laminate wood is a less expensive option that provides many of the same benefits as acoustic plywood, but it’s not anywhere near as soundproof and some people might consider its appearance to be more unattractive than acoustic panels made from acoustic plywood. It also comes with drawbacks such as the boards may not be as durable, and requires more maintenance when it goes through changes in humidity or temperature change; wood particles are too thin and fragile so they can’t handle nails well.


If you can affort the cost of acoustic plywood for your soundproofing needs, then it is a great option. However, there are many qualities to sound absorption WPC other than that it is generally cheaper than acoustic plywood. If the budget is very tight indeed, you should consider using lamitate wood.

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