Composite Decking Prices Bunnings

How do the prices for pvc decking compare with wood? All types of pvc decking are generally more expensive than wood decking but the price difference varies depending upon which subcategory of each material is being used. For example, hollow pvc decking is cheaper than solid composite pvc decking, whereas pressure-treated lumber is cheaper than redwood western red cedar and tropical hardwoods.

In Regard To The Options At Bunnings

  • You can get composite decking in a range of colours at Bunnings. Check out there range of composite decking products at your local Bunnings. Always remember if you find a competitor with a lower price on the same stocked item they will beat it.
  • Bunnings has a wide range of other decking options including Merbau decking.
  • Check out their full range of decking products at your local Bunnings warehouse.
  • In regards to which timber to use for decking, materials vary in price from more expensive hardwoods to low-cost treated pine. The good news is there is a material to suit every budget.
  • There are 5/4 deck planks good for a shed floor.
  • It costs only slightly more to use 5/4 planks like you use on a deck then the 3/4 pressure treated if your shed is off the ground you don’t need treated lumber.
  • Another option is to build with modular decking – a DIY approach to save money with the added benefit that the kits are flexible and easy to assemble.
  • You can always get advice directly from Bunnings in regard to which option to choose.
  • As an example of cost, the average cedar decking prices range between $24 to $45 per square foot. Of course this depends on your region and the type of cedar used and the design features you want to incorporate.

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