Cost To Replace Floor Joists, Subfloor And Boards

The most common cause of a sagging floor is damage to the floor joists and posts that support the flooring.

Estimating Cost Of Repair

To get an estimation on the cost of repairing a broken floor joist, you should contact a general contractor or handyman. Your flooring system relies on a floor joist to support the weight of the building and offer stability.

Depending on the joist’s position and whether it is easy — or difficult — to reach it, the repair cost will vary. There could be a defect in a floor joist, a split naturally occurring in the wood or the weight of a heavy object that caused it to break.

A sub floor has one main duty, and that is to support to the main flooring material. When this occurs due to termites, weakening, warping, or softening through moisture, it creates a living situation that is dangerous.

Replacing joists costs around $100 to $300 for each new joist.

One approach that may assist is to employ the technique of “sistering” on a new joist to the damaged one. The other more comprehensive approach is to cut out remove the damaged or rotten joists.

Frequently Asked Questions On Cost Of Repair

How Much Does It Cost To Sister Floor Joists?

It will cost approximatly $100 to $300 per floor joist

How Much Will It Cost To Replace Floor Joists For A 500 Square Foot Room?

Around $6,000 to $10,000 or more, depending on ease of access.

How Much Will It Cost To Replace Floor Joists Where A Jack Is Required?

The starting cost will be around $20,000

Repairing A Floor Joist

Installing a second joist next to the broken one and attaching structural screws and glue to it fixes most cases of damaged joists. According to people who have worked on this type of repair, it usually costs between $250 and $300.

Contractors can use plywood to reinforce an area that is easy to reach but is obstructed by plumbing or electrical wiring. Nevertheless, this could result in the need for pipes to be removed and reattached, increasing labor costs. It is not uncommon for this kind of more labor-intensive repair to cost $500 or more.

Repairing Damaged Floor Boards

One approach to repairing damaged floor boards is to place suportive cross pieces underneath the dmaged side on the joist side of the boards. This is an easy thing to do if getting access to the damaged area is straight forward, and a very difficult thing to do if access is limited due to the height of the joists from the ground.

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