Install A Concrete Spoon Drain: The Lowdown

What Is A Concrete Spoon Drain:

Designed to collect stormwater after rain before it soaks into the ground, spoon drains are concrete drain constructions placed in line with the ground surface and parallel to the ground surface.

Drainage Design For Ground Level Channel Drainage

The bottom of the concrete drain slopes downward to direct stormwater towards the drain. In this way, water is taken away from the ground before it can soak in or pool on the surface of the ground.  

A wide-spaced area with open stormwater spoon drains will usually follow the topography of the land where rainwater will naturally settle after falling. This is where the installation occurs.

History Of Spoon Drains

Early in the 20th century, spoon drain became a popular term.

Drainage issues have been dealt with using spoon drains for many years. In England, spoon drains were first used in the early 1800s. 

Overwatered fields on farms were drained with the help of spoon drains. As a result of the spoon drain, excess water was removed from the field and it was able to dry out rapidly. Drainage problems are still solved by spoon drains today. Gardening and landscaping projects often use them. In addition to plastic, metal, and concrete, spoon drains can also be made from other materials.

Spoon drains have advantages over ag pipe drains buried in gravel because they are much easier to maintain and clean if they become blocked. They are also much easier to clean than grated drains, so as a drainage solution, they have many advantages.

Summary Of Spoon Drains

These drain systems are made of cement, but in an agricultural setting, they may just be formed soil with grass planted in them or rocks to make a landscaping feature in the garden.

Of all drainage systems, they are the easiest available due to the ease of cleaning and unblocking due to the open channel design.

In Australia, there is a range of product offerings of pre-made concrete spoon drain sections. These are not particularly deep but will be suitable in many residential contexts to help remove surface water quickly from a backyard or similar.

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