Closed Cell Foam For Noise Reduction

Closed Cell Foam reduces noise from machines, engines, loud pipes, etc.

This is a synthetic rubber that reduces the transmission of structural and airborne sound waves. It is designed to achieve maximum attenuation over a broad frequency range. Closed-cell foam has excellent noise reduction capability and will resist moisture and mildew.It is easy to cut and apply with contact adhesive. This product is great for lining enclosures of all types, where noise reduction is desired. It may be used as a liner under automobile hoods, boat engines, etc.  It makes excellent insulation for aircraft, due to its lightweight. It is durable and efficient.

Excellent absorber and insulator for acoustic and thermal applications. It is used in the music industry to reduce reverb and create a “dead” room, void of reverberations. This is a lightweight, easy to apply foam which can be mounted on any surface with contact adhesive. It comes in several thicknesses, of which 1/2″ and 1″ are the most common.Many people have discovered that it can be used to make a window plug, keeping out noise from the street and neighbors. Other applications include wrapping noisy pipes, lining ducts and enclosures such as hot tubs.One of our favorite applications is to use closed cell foam to quiet motors, and both Idaho State and Kettering University Snowmobile Teams demonstrated this on their prize-winning snowmobiles in the 2003 Ethanol Challenge. They came in First and Second Place, respectively, and had the quietest snowmobiles in the competition.FEATURES:Closed cell, Inherent Vapor Retarder, Non-Wicking, Low Water AbsorptionBENEFITS:Improved Air Quality, Abuse Resistant, Easy to Install, Washable, Cost Effective, Fiber Free

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