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Blue board and green board are both designed for use in applications where regular drywall wouldn’t be sufficient. Blue board is for walls that will be finished with veneer plaster. The other specialized wallboard product — green board — is intended for use in areas that will be regularly exposed to moisture.【Get Price】

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Blue board doesn’t requite several coats of joint compound in order to be smooth. Instead, it only needs plaster and tape on the seams followed by a thin coat of the plaster no more than 1/8 of an inch thick. Blue board is also much better than regular drywall at eliminating issues like dents and paint problems.【Get Price】

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Blue board is used for veneer plastering, and the surface paper has special absorption qualities. It has a high water and mold resistance and there are fewer steps involved in veneer plastering. Blue board drywall is not made for mud, tape, or paint. It works extremely well in bathrooms or places with a lot of moisture and helps reduce noise.【Get Price】

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When putting up any type of drywall you may want to consider blueboard instead of regular sheetrock.The price is not that much different, but as far as the aesthetics of the finished product go, it is going to look far better if you use blueboard.【Get Price】

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Blue board is designed for external use. Villa board which is a similarly product is used for internal use. It is usually green color. This is the best product for bathrooms. However it should be tiled over. It is not the best to paint over.【Get Price】

Is it acceptable to use blueboard drywall in the bathroom.

use blue or green board. if you’re tiling use 1/2 cement board and overlap the last row of tile onto the green board to give a good edge for painting.【Get Price】

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Also known as greenboard or cement board, moisture-resistant drywall sheets use paperless backing and a special coating to prevent moisture from being absorbed better than traditional drywall sheets. These are also used as tile backer in limited wet areas, like the bathroom, basement walls, kitchens, laundry rooms and utility rooms.【Get Price】

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Because of moisture, bathrooms are some of the primary areas of your home at risk of mold and mildew development. It is important to make sure that a proper vapor barrier (or vapor retarder) is installed on the walls in your bathroom whenever you’re building or remodeling. You don’t need to put a vapor barrier in the ceiling of the bathroom.【Get Price】

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• Moisture-resistant drywall is best suited for areas such as untiled bathrooms and basements where there might be damp conditions and humidity with minimal splashes of water. • Look into cement board if you need waterproof drywall. This type of waterproof drywall is designed for wet areas such as showers and bathtub surrounds.【Get Price】

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I am aware of the ingredients added to MR board. It still won’t make up for an inadequately ventilating bath fan with a steam shower. The first time I used the regular drywall was in my own bathroom in 1994. Not a hint of moisture or mold after 16 years. That’s more than can say for the greenboard bathrooms with the junk fans after 4 to 8 years.【Get Price】

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Tile will hold up fine on the blue board / green board in areas that are not wet. in the 50’s it was common to install tile on regular sheetrock in bath / shower areas. I saw many jobs that lasted 20-30 years before the sheetrock failed in wet areas but in dry areas it last longer (than wet areas)and is less expensive to install.【Get Price】

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Gypsum board is not the best choice of material for bathroom walls, however. When exposed to moisture, which any wallboard will be in a bathroom, gypsum board swells, molds and deteriorates. Especially if used as a backing for tile in a tub or shower surround, unprotected gypsum board is not durable or stable enough to stand up to the bathroom.【Get Price】

How to determine which drywall is best for your bathroom.

How to determine which drywall is best for your bathroom. Use green board drywall in this room because water is not routinely splashed on the walls. (Tim Carter) By Tim Carter.【Get Price】

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The blue board and skimcoat application is typically not a do-it-yourself project. Traditional plaster jobs were very cost prohibitive so, when veneer plasters came along, they became very popular.【Get Price】

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Membrane-Faced Board Only . One type of tile backer board is made with a water-resistant facing on both sides of the board. Georgia-Pacific’s DensShield is one such product. The facing serves as an integrated waterproofing membrane, so you don’t need to install a separate layer of plastic behind the tile backer or a sheet membrane over the backer.【Get Price】

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VOX BATHROOM SHOWER PANEL RANGE The stunning range from Vox, one of the leading manufacturers of panelling in Europe, will rejuvenate any room. It is 100% waterproof, easy to clean and employs a simple finishing system allowing for quick and easy installation.【Get Price】

Blue Board Joints – How to Flush Join Blue Board. A demo on how to flush joins in blue board sheeting, this must be done before applying any render. All joints must be taped.【Get Price】

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Originally, greenboard was used as a direct backer board for ceramic tile in highly wet areas such as showers or bathtubs but this usage began to be phased out in the 1990s. Cement backer board such as Durock is best used for tile in highly wet applications such as shower stalls , with greenboard and other water-resistant drywall panels kept.【Get Price】

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Re: Mold proof drywall vs. greenboard for the bathroom I have kinda been wondering the same thing in the past. Dense Sheild is a great tile backer but I don’t think I would use it for the whole bathroom. I have used blue board which is a step up from the old green board. There seams to be confusion even among the retailers up here as well.【Get Price】

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1. Install green-board drywall in areas subject to moisture, like kitchens and bathrooms, but with hot-dipped galvanized drywall screws and a screw gun rather than standard drywall screws.【Get Price】

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