Best Waterproof Flooring Options

What is the most durable waterproof flooring?

For waterproofing, ceramic and porcelain tiles work great. They are practically impermeable and will not allow liquids to penetrate them, making them easy to maintain and clean. Ultra-durable. One of the hardest flooring materials on the market, tile is known for its durability.

What is the best brand of waterproof flooring?

BrandsTypeWarranty Residential/Commercial
AquaGuard® Engineered HardwoodWater-resistantLifetime/15
AquaGuard® BambooWater-resistantLifetime/15
Armstrong AudacityWaterproofLifetime/15
Pergo WetProtectWaterproofLifetime/10
Mohawk RevWood PlusWaterproofLifetime/5

What is the best waterproof and scratch proof flooring?

For families with pets, vinyl flooring is a popular flooring option. Whether using luxury vinyl tile or vinyl sheet, you can expect high levels of durability, long-lasting strength, resistance to moisture, scratches, and dents. In addition, vinyl tiles are highly durable and easy to clean.

What is the best waterproof flooring for a bathroom?

With porcelain tile as a bathroom floor, you get the best of all worlds, as it is resistant to water, durable, and stylish. Like stone, porcelain tile can have a rich, textured, very solid feel. Like vinyl, porcelain tile is waterproof and fairly inexpensive.

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