A Balcony Privacy Screen: The Options

A balcony privacy screen is a great way to instantly add privacy on your balcony.

Something like a nice set of bamboo screens does wonders to ensure privacy on a balcony. The best bamboo screens for balconies are those that have slats that are thin enough to let light through, but thick enough to obscure people looking in from outside the building. Nobody wants their neighbors peeking into their homes while they’re trying to relax outside!

But bamboo isn’t the only option. This post contains links to a variety of different products that might work for people with balconies who need privacy screens but want the ability to see out if desired.

For example, many homes have decks or patios off their bedrooms and master bathrooms providing beautiful views up into the trees; however, these outdoor spaces can be quite unsafe when not properly screened from unwanted prying eyes of potential intruders. A transparent curtain is an easy solution (but not very private), whereas floor-to-ceiling bamboo screens or similar is a more elegant and discreet option.

Some of these items may be more expensive than others; however, it is also worth considering the long-term costs associated with them when making your decision.

Select from a variety of materials including steel mesh, aluminum, vinyl, as well as stainless steel screens. You’ll find one that best suits your needs based on style preference and the location for installation.

Best Privacy Screen Options

There’s no one perfect solution – it depends on your needs and budget.

How do you choose the best privacy screen for your needs?

Privacy screens are available in a variety of different styles, materials and prices. Your first step is to decide what type will work best for you – they’re not all created equal!

Metal outdoor screens do an excellent job of keeping people from seeing what’s going on inside while still providing ventilation; fabric screens provide much less visibility but may work as well as metal if they’re positioned low enough.

Portable Outdoor Privacy Screens

Portable outdoor privacy screens are panels that you can place outside your property to create a barrier between the outdoors and inside of your house. They need no installation, which makes them highly portable for any situation. However, they do not offer full protection from visibility; some people may still be able to see through one side or another depending on how close they stand and their angle with respect to the screen.

Pros: Portable outdoor privacy screens are not permanent and can be easily relocated. They are versatile and serve the purpose of a temporary barrier to visibility when needed.

Cons: Portable outdoor privacy screens do not offer full protection from visibility, but they may still provide some relief for your property when you need it most!

The Galaxy Outdoor/Indoor Room Divider by Proman Products may be the best choice for a portable privacy screen. This versatile unit can be moved around the yard and turned in any direction, so it can function anywhere from at ground level to high overhead. Fabric screens framed by double-hinged metal tubing are made of lightweight, water-resistant fabrics.

Metal Outdoor Privacy Screen

Metal laser-cut screens like this are an excellent way to conceal yourself from view. The screens are powder-coated for extra protection against weather and come in a variety of sizes.

The screen attaches to the wall with brackets that can be easily removed when not needed, so you don’t need to worry about leaving any holes or nails behind!

As an example, made from tough, galvanized steel, the freestanding Veradek Screen Series Metal Privacy Screen gently filters out direct sunlight, unsightly structures, or the gaze of neighbors. To create your own calming sanctuary, arrange two, three, or more of these geometrical screens end-to-end.

Privacy Screen to Grow Plants On

You can gain solitude and a beautiful vertical garden as a bonus, with a combination privacy screen and planter box. The natural look enhances privacy and blends seamlessly into the landscape when planted with something that climbs around it. It’s also self-supporting once boxes are weighted down with potting soil.

Retractable Privacy Screen

To create a room within your outdoor living area for intimate dinners, entertaining or relaxing, you may want to consider installing an attractive retractable screen. This is often made of fabric that can be drawn back into the wall when not in use and will keep prying eyes out while blocking any view from inside the screened area.

One screen that stands out is the Abba Patio Retractable Folding Side Awning Screen. The Abba features smooth-moving sliding panels that give you the option to create a windbreak or privacy barrier whenever needed in an attractive, efficient design that allows you to retract it out of the way when you don’t need it for that extra bit of privacy or protection from the elements.

Privacy Screen Hardware Kits For Hot Tubs Or Other Areas Around The Yard

To better the privacy of your hot tub or yard, you can use the FlexFence Louver System hardware kit. This offers a louver window or shutter system based on mounting Wooden blades in a frame.

These panels are great for personalizing your backyard, including the hot tub area. In addition to looking good, each kit includes everything you need to install it, so there’s no guessing work involved. However, the kit does not include lumber. You’ll need to get that separately.

Best Value Privacy Screen

It doesn’t cost a lot to create a privacy screen for your balcony with something like the Ikea DYNING. It’s surprisingly affordable, and the installation is minimal.

A gaze-busting border around a balcony or terrace will keep out unwanted noise and wind. This privacy screen is easy to install, just attach it to the railing using the rope provided.

Eco-Friendly Privacy Screen

Freshwater reed grows abundantly along riverbanks and estuaries, making it an ideal material for making Reed Fencing. This inexpensive privacy screening option can be used in a variety of ways: from topping old walls to cover structures, or renting them long-term for the best possible coverage. The most impactful way to ensure privacy is by adding a second layer where necessary.

Accordion Privacy Screen

An accordion-style privacy screen is a versatile option that can be installed in many different ways. It’s such an efficient design because it functions as either a pole-mounted or ground-level screens, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces alike. The innovative collapsible panels are both durable and easy to transport – take them with you!

This customizable set includes two frames (with the same height) which include eight panels each. Panels have Velcro tabs on one end to attach themselves together when necessary.

The faux greenery panel is made of polyethylene that is backed with 100 percent natural wood. The screen expands and contracts, depending on the amount of privacy desired. Even though it appears to be lush, air flows freely through this type of screen in spite of its faux foliage.

Bamboo Privacy Screen Options

– Deco Breeze Privacy Screen by Bamboo Blinds. These bamboo screens offer a beautiful, natural look that will keep your view unobstructed and provide you with maximum privacy from those who might be looking in! Available at Amazon.com.

– Bamboo Privacy Screen by Deco Breeze. This bamboo privacy screen is a great option for those who are looking to keep bugs out of their balcony and enjoy natural light at the same time! Available at Amazon.com

– Eco Plus Vertical Blinds For The Balcony with Tension Rod Bracket. These bamboo screens will offer you maximum protection from unwanted guests on your balcony, as well as allow some natural light in while still giving you privacy from prying eyes! Available at ecoplusblinds.com

– Balcony bamboo screen by Bamboo Blind Guys. This is a great option if you are looking for privacy, with the ability to see out as desired! Available at Amazon.com.

– Sliding bamboo screen by Bamboo Blind Guys. This is a great option if you are looking for privacy, with the ability to see out as desired! Available at Amazon.com .

Australia Options From Bunnings Warehouse

– Bamboo blind by Eco Plus Blinds. This bamboo screen will offer you maximum protection from unwanted guests on your balcony, as well as allow some natural light in while still giving you privacy! Available at ecoplusblinds.com

-Eden 0.8 X 3m Bamboo Slat Fence Screening Bunnings Warehouse. This also comes in a smaller 0.5 X 3m version as well. Check out the following YouTube video about the range of Eden fencing options from bunnings.

Bunnings YouTube video on installing a privacy screen

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