Acoustifence has extraordinary sound absorption, which makes it superior to wood fences and landscaping. It takes less than one hour to install or remove for two people. This ‘made-in-the-USA’ material is totally mold-resistant and UV-resistant, virtually indestructible and great for sound barriers.

The Sound Transmission Class (STC) of Acoustifence material is 28, which represents approximately an 85% reduction in sound to the human ear. But results will differ depending on the amount of the fence installed and surrounding sound absorbing objects such as buildings.

According to the manufacturer, the noise source should be considered like a bright light bulb on a dark night. 

The first step to reduce that light is to place a barrier between it and you, which will block direct light. The sound equivalent of that barrier is Acoustifence.

Light sources that are not blocked by a barrier will still reflect some light to you. Sound will act the same as light does with regards to acoustifence.

Acoustifence has excellent environmental credentials as it is made of 64% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.

Acoustifence Installation 

  • Number of people: 2 
  • Time required: 20/30 min. 
  • Items: Utility Knife, Pliers, 70 lb. wire ties (included with purchase).

Steps To Complete Installation

  1. The plastic wrap must be cut and removed from the roll. 
  2. The roll should be leaned against the fence with the grommet edge at the top, aligning the top of the roll with the top of the fence or at the desired height. 
  3. As the Acoustifence material is unrolled along the fence, one person unrolls the material while the second person inserts the ties at each grommet. Keep the material taut while installing the wire ties to prevent sagging. 
  4. Remove the tape and roll the core. 
  5. Pull each cable tie so that the Acoustifence is properly lined up at the desired height. DO NOT make the cable tie tight! It must be loose enough to allow the eyelet to pivot freely. Try to distribute weight equally. 
  6. Do not trim off the end of the cable tie until you are sure weight is distributed equally. 

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